Mitral valve surgery

Mitral valve surgery for dogs

(Mitral valve Regurgitation:MR)

Mitral valvoplasty (MVP) is the surgery we most actively perform in dogs with mitral regurgitation. It is also the most common surgical procedure that our patients undergo. As mentioned in the “Myxomatous mitral valve degeneration (MMVD)” section, pharmacotherapy generally does not cure the regurgitative condition. In contrast, surgical correction provides a great chance of freedom from symptoms associated with heart disease, reduction in drug dosage, or even complete cessation of medication. An improved quality of life is expected following liberation from side effects of drugs like diuretics. We are now providing free consultation service via email so please feel free to contact us. In case of emergency, contact by phone is recommended.

The figure on the left is an x-ray image of the chest of a case presenting with pulmonary edema. Note the whitening of the lung field. After surgery, the lung resumes its normal, clean black appearance on right-hand side figure.

Surgical outcome

More than 90% of our patients survived to discharge. The specific outcome varies depending on the year. Contact us for further information. Many patients were able to stop medication after surgical treatment.

The left figure shows the survival curve of heart surgery patient population. Compare it with the one on the right-hand side which comprises patient population receiving pharmacotherapy. The former population requires no medication and outlives the latter.

The blue-colored bars at the back of this chart represents the rates of each medications before surgery. Reduced need for drugs is apparent 1 month (orange), 3 month (grey), and 1 year (yellow) after surgery.

Surgical Fees

Cost for Preoperative Assessment: between 50 and 70 thousand yen (may be performed in the referring facility). This is to ensure that safe surgery can be performed on the patient.

Cost for Surgery: between 1.6 and 2.0 million yen (inclusive of costs for hospitalization and in-hospital testing besides surgeon’s fees). More detailed information will be provided during direct consultation.

Cost for Postoperative Follow-ups: we recommend follow-up examinations 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery. The charge depends on specific tests (between 30 and 50 thousand yen).

  • The surgical fee guide listed above is set identically among facilities. However, the exact cost is subject to change.

No surgery is risk-free. Even if regurgitative condition is successfully corrected, patients are still at risk of dying from complications. We make every effort to acquire informed consent directly before surgery.